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This workshop will be delivered by Carter Welch, an experienced Business Coach and Compass practitioner. To find out more about Compass and how it can benefit you and your business, visit

This session includes a Compass 4 pack worth £97 and in addition you will receive 20% off a further 10 Compass behavioural indicators should you wish to implement your learnings within your business.

Behavioural Indicators:
Recruitment & Team Building | 
27th May 2021

Discover your unique business behaviours, experience individual and team dashboard demonstrations & learn how to interpret & apply results.

Calling all Recruiters, HR Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Managers, in fact anyone who wants to hone their recruitment strategy and build effective teams.

Compass is a suite of easy to use, online people-performance tools that enables individuals and organisations to effectively develop individual self-awareness, support leadership development programmes, enable change management and align the people in the business to the strategy.

What you will learn
  • The mix of skills and aptitudes required to create an effective, high performing team
  • An understanding of how individual behavioural preferences can cause interpersonal issues and delay or even halt decision making and how to avoid it
  • How to interpret individual and team results to achieve accelerated personal and business goals
  • How to apply an impartial communication tool to drive difficult conversations and businesses forward in a productive way
  • How individual profiles influence team and business dynamics

Coaching Skills Masterclass with Ron Tanner 
9th – 10th June 2021

Shirlaws Senior Partner, Ron Tanner will be delivering his masterclass in Coaching Skills, providing new concepts and skills that will elevate your business relationships.

What you will learn:

  • A variety of coaching skills and techniques which can be drawn upon in any coaching and management situation
  • How to engage in and successfully lead difficult conversations
  • When and how to manage and coach simultaneously
  • A method to coach senior team members to empower staff to be more independent and take greater responsibility for their work while feeling more engaged
  • Specific personal interaction skills to add to your existing management capabilities

Past Courses - March 2021

“Excellent choice of delivery and time to think during the discussion.

Freedom to discuss topics without too much constraint and excellent that we were able to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other.”

Past Courses - April 2021

“Shekhar is an outstanding trainer, not only because of his extensive experience but also because of his presence, ability to read people, to quickly create an atmosphere of trust and confidence and to easily adapt the training according to the needs and capabilities of the group without anybody realising the change.”

Great pace, well-structured… the content was both relevant and practical and the time just whizzed by, the practical involvement was just right and I would recommend to others.”
“It was my first ever Shirlaws training course and I’m looking forward to the next one! It showed me how the IP is used to deliver value and motivated me to up my learning curve!”