Coaching Skills Masterclass

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Ron Tanner’s coaching skills masterclass takes place over 2 days and covers:

Coaching Skills Testimonial David Thomas
Coaching Skills Testimonial Susie Burdekin
Coaching Skills Masterclass Testimonial
Coaching and Management Skills
Learn and understand the fundamental differences between Coaching Skills and other management skills such as Consulting, Mentoring and Training.
Five Layers of Coaching

A guide to the conceptual knowledge of coaching through to implementation of decisions made. Ron will then facilitate the integration of your key learnings and their application to all areas of your life.

Four Coaching Questions

Practice the four core questions which will enable you to move an individual through the process of thinking to feeling to knowing.

This skill will speed up decision making. For example, in knowing, the individual is clear about their choices and decisions. 

Four Coaching Techniques

Four coaching techniques are explored, simulated and practiced in this session. You will learn to:

  • Identify the meaning behind third party and direct language 
  • Learn how to assist individuals who are unable to make decisions
  • Help individuals see the positive and negative sides of a situation and understand how this will enable them to achieve balance
  • Provide the individual with an opportunity to scrutinise and challenge their decisions
Setting Agendas

Learn how to set clear expectations at the beginning of any meeting or interaction. As well as ensuring that everyone knows what needs to be covered in both the short and long term, this method will teach you how to extract the crucial hidden agenda items that are often overlooked.

Language Patterns

Communication can make or break our relationships. The more we understand our own communication style, the greater chance we have of choosing how we communicate with others.

Using Think Feel Know, a behavioural insight tool, you will investigate how language patterns show up in all aspects of business communication and how you can adjust your style to build better relationships.

Nurturing Relationships

Relationship building is a skill. And a must if you are involved in sales. 
By developing a better understanding of others you will be able to create a strong platform from which to work successfully together over a long term.  

Energy Cycle
Everyone brings their energy to the table. You will investigate techniques for managing your own energy, recognise how your energy affects others and learn how to manage the energy in any situation.
Question Types

Explore the impact six basic, yet fundamental, questions have on the people we interact with and why it’s important to start with the least emotive question.

Questioning & Listening

Life is full of distractions. Learn how to be fully present with others when having a conversation. Honing your questioning and listening skills will create more meaning and add value to your relationships.

This technique is invaluable for both one way and two way conversations.