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Business training utilising Shirlaws world-class IP and proven methodologies, delivered by accredited
Powered by Shirlaws licensees. Invaluable and practical expertise for businesses of all sizes.

Powered by Shirlaws Discovery Session 20.01.22

If you’re looking for straightforward, implementable and scalable solutions to business issues then join us at our next Powered by Shirlaws Discovery Session. In this free, one hour session you’ll preview our world-class IP, frameworks and methodologies and find out if being part of our our community of business professionals is for you.

Powered by Shirlaws is a licence model suitable for SMEs, individuals, coaches, facilitators and mentors who wish to utilise our toolkit to overcome growth and performance issues within their or their clients’ business.

Compass: Restructuring and Project Planning with ELM 09.12.21

Learn how the ELM indicator informs on organisation restructures as well as individual projects, delivering quick and effective results.

Identify aptitudes for specific roles or projects and provide guidance and support to proactively resolve problems to build effective, high performing teams.

This FREE introductory session includes access to an Entrepreneur Leader Manager* (ELM) indicator before the session so you can personally assess and benefit from your own behavioural insights.

 Join Ron’s Masterclass and become an expert communicator. Over 2 days you’ll put theory into practice using proven coaching techniques to build better relationships.

What we mean and how our message is understood is often worlds apart. Invest in your self development to close this gap and become a much more effective communicator.

In this Masterclass Ron Tanner will guide you to shift from an instructional style of communication to a coaching style.

Testimonials | October 2021

"The two days were filled with energy! Ron Tanner's training was first class and I would highly recommend investing in this course."

Vicky Simpson
Managing Director | Apply Compliance Today

"I left the Masterclass with so many new ideas; the value of story telling, 3 boxes (moving from content to context), client energy management and third party language."

Alastair Kight
Business Coach & Consultant

"I really liked Ron's style of delivery and the flexibility of being able to dig in to some areas more than others as the group decided."

Susie Burdekin
Business Coach & Consultant

"I attended Ron’s course in October 2021 and can’t recommend it highly enough. Two days in great company packed full of theory and practical examples and with lots of opportunity to put the theory into practice."

Kate Anderson
Founder | morph b2b 

"Two solid days of learning how best to make transformative change to the lives of anyone in business."

Alastair Kight
Business Coach & Consultant

"Tanner packs in the content and his experience is great, permeating through the programme and making it the experience that it is."

Andrew Roberts
Business Leader, Coach & Consultant